Frequently asked Questions

How does Sendit Media collect their data?

Sendit Media collects data through a wide variety of sources. Most data would be coming through partner companies or websites, where we have Rev-Share agreements set up. Other sources consist of Banner Re-Directs, Newsletter Signups, Registration Pages, List Management and a few other proprietary ways.

How can I Target my list?

Sendit Media has global reach on our data. Most of our data lies within the United States and Canada, however we do have reach in a number of other countries. If you are looking to target consumers, we have over 80 different attributes we can refine your list down to. If you are looking to target businesses we can break it down in a number of different ways as well. One of our account representatives will be happy to run a count of your exact target market. Call or email us at: or 866-540-SEND (7363).

How do you prevent my eMails from going to SPAM?

Sendit Media employs some of the most seasoned veterans to deploy our emails. It all starts out with the Opt-in. All of the data we mail is Double Opt-in, so we have permission to mail to these people. Once we have their permission to send them third party offers and promotions, we send a confirmation email to verify that they do want to be on our list and that they have a valid and working email account. This starts a relationship between our server’s and their ISP. We also run all campagins through a proprietary software that will score your email campaign. It scored everything from the subject line to the content within the email. If it receives a low score, we will work together on making any necessary changes.

Are you’re emails Opt-In?

Yes, all of the email and mobile numbers we mail to are actually Double-Opt in. We maintain the time and date of where and when these people Opted in with Sendit Media .

Are you CAN SPAM compliant?

Yes, we are 100% compliant with the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003, which helps us to not only maintain a white listed status with the ISP’s, but also gives our clients’ piece of mind that they are in good hands with Sendit Media .

How long have you been in business?

Sendit Media was formed in 2007 after breaking away from a publicly traded company. Sendit was formed by industry veterans when they saw the need for more of a customer service based approach to email marketing. We understand the importance of a successful email campaign, but we also know the importance of being there for our clients’ every step of the way. We will always be there for you when things are going great, but you can be sure we’ll be there even if an unexpected problem arises.

How long will it take to get started?

Sendit Media prides ourselves on excellent customer service, which means we move quickly. If your creative or HTML is ready to go, we can usually get your campaign tested and approved to go live in the same day. A lot of agencies love working with us on the west coast because we are not afraid to work past 6:00 EST.

How frequently is you’re data updated?

We are constantly managing Opt-Outs, which would be on a daily basis. We also take out any Hard Bounces or Soft Bounces on every campaign. We have data feeds and updates on a quarterly basis. Data is constantly moving through Sendit Media to answer to question.

What type of clients do you work with?

Sendit Media has become a premier fulfillment house for some of the largest agencies and data brokers in the United States. Our client’s accounts have put us in the driver’s seat for companies like Allstate, Ford, Toyota, Verizon, Subway and many more. We also work with a lot of local companies that might include a local car dealership, law office or insurance agency. Whatever business you are in, it is worth having a conversation with one of our account representatives to see how we can help you reach your markeitng goals.

When is the best day of week to send my email?

This is a difficult question to answer, because there are a number of different factors involved. First, it depends on the industry you are in. An online retailer might not send an offer out the same day an auto dealer would. It also depends on the time of year and what holidays are surrounding your offer and even who you are sending to. Consult with a Sendit Media rep to determine what day and time would suit your offer the best.

How can I track the emails?

Sendit Media provides a proprietary tracking report for all campaigns. It will show how many emails or SMS texts were deployed, how many were opened and then a breakdown of how many people were sent to your website or landing page. If there are multiple links within a creative, we can even breakdown how many people clicked on each link.

How secure are your mail servers?

Living in South Florida, we are exposed to some serious weather and it is imperative for our clients that we never have any down time. Here are some General Facility Features

• 22,000 Square Feet Raised Floor
• 18" Raised Floor • Subfloor Cable Management and Power Distribution
• Customized Cage, Private Suite and Cabinet Space Available
• Conditioned AC Power

Security Systems

• Biometric Fingerprint Readers
• Card/PIN Access
• Combination Lock Access for Cabinets
• 24/7/365 Video Surveillance

Environmental Controls/Redundancy

• Redundant Backup Power via Multiple UPSs and Generators
• 2.5 MW Generating Capacity • Multiple Liebert CRAC Units
• Controlled Temperature and Humidity via HVAC Units
• Redundant Network Infrastructure
• Clean Agent Fire Suppression System
• Geographic Diversity/Redundancy Via Other Peak 10 Data Centers