The Information We Collect

The Sendit Media privacy policy applies to all information we collect, receive and compile about you from Sendit Media , our affiliates and unaffiliated third parties and in connection with an action, inquiry, registration, or transaction.

Information From You

Specifically, the specific information we collect from you for verification, processing, enhancement, and marketing purposes may include, but is not limited to:

• First and last name (middle initial and suffix, as applicable)
• Social Security number; Date of birth
• Gender
• Marital Status
• Personal Income
• Household Income
• Home telephone number
• Work telephone number
• Mobile telephone number
• Instant message handle
• Email address
• Current and former mailing addresses
• Credit card number and expiration date
• Drivers license number, state of issue, and address on license
• Purchase History Information
• Occupation, hobbies and/or interests

We also receive information from you when you send us email and other forms, or register at our web sites and the websites of our affiliates. We may also collect information about your inquires, actions, registrations and transactions with unaffiliated third parties, or others, such as the promotions, sweepstakes, products and services you ordered, or requested. We may also collect from outside sources and combine with our records additional personally identifiable information about you, including but not limited to name, address, driver's license information, email addresses, demographic and lifestyle information.

How We Use Information We Collect

We use the information we collect about you for the purposes of direct marketing and market research. This information may be used by Sendit Media , our affiliates and unaffiliated third parties. We also use this information for various internal business purposes, such as billing, customer service, fraud prevention, and broadening and improving the services we can offer. Additionally, Sendit Media , our affiliates, and unaffiliated third parties may use the information, including but not limited to postal address, telephone numbers, and/or email address, to send you promotions and direct solicitations. Of course, you may opt out of receiving such promotions.

To Whom We May Disclose The Information We Collect

We will not disclose any of the information we collect from or about you, as described above, to the following types of unaffiliated third parties (companies that are not owned or controlled by us) for various business purposes, including marketing and/or joint business efforts for related and unrelated products and services: Financial services providers, such as banks and mortgage lenders; Non-financial companies such as retailers, direct marketers and publishers; Companies that perform marketing services on our behalf or on behalf of unaffiliated third parties; and Others, as permitted by law.

We may disclose any of the information we collect, as described above, to affiliates, which are companies that are related to us by common ownership or affiliated with us by common control.

We may disclose any of the information, as described above, to the types of affiliates and unaffiliated third parties, also as described above, whether you are an individual who has inquired, registered or ordered one time or one with whom we have an ongoing or prior relationship. .


Opting Out of Our Providing Information About You To Third Parties

If you prefer that we not disclose to nonaffiliated third parties any personally identifiable information that we collect or compile about you, you may choose to opt out of such disclosures; that is, you may direct us not to make these disclosures.

Opting Out

If you have registered or filled out online information that has been collected or complied by Sendit Media , you may exercise your right to opt out of our disclosing information to unaffiliated third parties by emailing us at and placing "opt out" or "unsubscribe" or "remove" in the subject line of the email.

Opting Out of Promotional Offers Sendit Media , our affiliates, and unaffiliated third parties may send you promotional offers by email. You may automatically opt out of further promotional offers by clicking on the "unsubscribe" or remove from list button in the email.


We have security protocols and measures in place to protect the personally identifiable information we maintain about you from unauthorized access or alteration. These measures include internal and external firewalls, physical security and technological security measures, and encryption of certain information.


"Accountability" is generally recognized as an important component of "Fair Information Practices" and refers to the process that a company has in place to be sure it adheres to its privacy policy. It also means that a redress process exists to address privacy policy compliance questions. We take reasonable precautions to be sure that unaffiliated third parties or affiliates, to whom information is disclosed, as described above, are aware of our privacy policy and fair information principles and that they will treat the personally identifiable information in a similarly responsible manner. Sendit Media is not, however, responsible for the privacy practices or content of unaffiliated third party or affiliate websites. The owners of these link sites are responsible for them.


What is a Cookie? A cookie is a piece of text information that a web server may transfer to the hard drive of your computer through your web browser when you visit our website. Cookies are commonly used by websites to improve your experience and to enable systems to recognize your browser. Some cookies may last only through a single visit (session cookie); others may have an expiration date; still others may remain on your computer until you delete them (persistent cookie). Only the information that you provide, or the choices you make while visiting a website, can be stored in a cookie. For example, the site cannot determine your email name unless you choose to type it. Allowing a website to create a cookie does not give that or any other site access to the rest of your computer, and only the site that created the cookie can interpret it.

How We Use Cookies:

We use session and persistent cookie technology for several purposes. For example, cookies: allow us to gather aggregated statistical data about the use of our website for research purposes; enable us to store your preferences for certain kinds of information and marketing offers; help us provide features such as personalized greetings; Our cookies will only collect information during your online activity at our website, not during any of your other Internet activity. Cookies set by us or our agents are not able to be interpreted by or shared with any other third party without your explicit consent. We may combine cookie data with personally identifiable information you provide to us (e.g., your email address) so that you may receive marketing offers likely to be of interest to you. Of course, you may opt out of receiving these offers at any time by following the instructions in the marketing offer. We may sometimes use outside technology companies to set cookies on our website and collect cookie information for us. We use the cookie information collected by these companies in the same manner as stated above in this section. Those companies may not use these cookies for their own internal purposes or share the information collected with any party other than Sendit Media .

How You Can Accept or Reject Cookies: You can decide if and how your computer will accept a cookie by establishing your preferences in your web browser. Please understand that, if you choose to reject cookies, you may not be able to use certain of our online services or website features. Internet Explorer is set up to allow the creation of cookies; however, you can specify that you be prompted before a site puts a cookie on your hard disk, so you can choose to allow or disallow the cookie; or you can prevent Internet Explorer from accepting any cookies. You can specify different settings for different security zones. For example, you might want to allow websites to create cookies if they are in your Trusted sites or Local intranet zone, prompt you before creating cookies if they are in your Internet zone, and never allow cookies if they are in your Restricted sites zone.


The Sendit Media websites and websites of unaffiliated third parties or the websites of our affiliates, where we collect personally identifiable information in conjunction with a transaction, inquiry, or registration are intended for use only by adults. We comply with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act and do not knowingly solicit or collect information from children.


We want you to be fully informed about how we will protect your privacy. We may change our privacy policy in the future, but we will not change our practices until they have been posted at this website. If changes occur, we will also show the date of revision. You agree that we may notify you of changes in our policy through this web site.


If you have questions or comments about Sendit Media 's privacy policy and fair information practices, please email us at